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aboul  is an opensource software that can be used by   any group  or 
community to   manage,   share and   dynamically contribute to a 
dictionary or glossary via a browser or a smartphone.

***  Any human organization worthy of the name should use it!  ***


aboul automatically goes deeper (4 levels) while searching till it 
find a response. 
If there's no answer, it asks user if he wants to reference/record
his query in dictionary. In this case, if word(s) concerned is not 
blaklisted (by administrator), it will be displayed as 'to be 
defined word'.
A mail is send to administrator when users add definitions into 
Here is all automatic mail alert list;
-user query (search) requires elaborate search
-user query (search) leads to blacklist
-user query (search) missing in dictionary and referenced 
-attempt to use administrator identity while defining a word
-attempt to add a word already added more than x times (not added)
-attempt to add a word exclude from dictionary
-word and definition added to the dictionary
-attempt to use the administration|maintenance console

You should add words with the administrator login (set in config 
file), before contributors use it. 
To do so, you must type the login directly followed with the password 
(set in config file), while signing a new definition.

administration|maintenance console allows you from your browser to ;
-add to blacklist and delete entries
-search for and modify entries
-add entries to be defined
-clean dictionary
-change website language
-analyze logs
-list database tables, use phpinfo
-test a textfile before integrating it into dictionary
-display a table contents 
-run SQL command on database
-send a mail to all dictionary authors
-generate a static HTML file of dictionary contents
-install or upgrade dictionary tables 
-update dynamic messages on website
-create automatically hyperlinks between definitions

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